"In The Volume Of The Book It Is Written Of Me"

Portrait of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik (c) 2003
Confirmed by
Colton Burpo circa 2005
I Am

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Our Father Speaks On Behalf of His Daughter

The “ruling” came out
On a Friday, no less.
The judgment was made,
Not a word left to guess.

Six years to the day
to pay for her crime
The judge gave the word,
She’ll start spending some time.

The Spirit was grieved,
The Son was concerned,
“This Judge does not listen”,
The Father observed.

“He spoke out of turn,
Not knowing the peril,
Of using My courtroom
To seek his own evil.”

The Son’s heart was broken,
He spoke up with a sob,
“Our Daughter was pardoned
The Day I finished the job.”

“Our Daughter is hurting”, God said with a tear.
“Let Us make plans
To comfort and heal,
And teach her to hear.”

The Father, The Son, The Spirit;
In Agreement Sublime
Said, “Let’s show her Our love
In a process of Time.”

“We can Each spend a year
Of getting to know her.”
“In teaching her Our ways,
Which others won’t show her.”

“And when We are finished,
We’ll take down the “ruling”,
And tear it in two;
The judge notwithstanding.”

“For the judgment of man
Falls short of Our grace.”
“It tramples, demeans, and
Gets in our Face.”

“But Our Daughter the Beautiful,
The One whom We love,
Will be showered with Blessings,
Peace and Joy from Above.”

“Her soul is our Treasure,
Our highest concern.”
“We’ll give her Our Life,
And Wisdom unlearned.”

“Fear Not!, My Brave One.
You have only begun,
To taste of My Spirit
Of Life in My Son.”

Given to C. T. Janitor
09 July 1995

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A Man With A Broken Heart
Speaks On Behalf of His Lost Love.


“To the Enemy I say this by the Holy Spirit”;
“If you point your finger, it will whither”.
“If you touch her, you will be burned”.
“If you put your hand upon her, your arm will crumble”.

By C. T. Janitor
(c) 09 July 1995
(c) 26 July 2018
By R. C. Theophilus

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Out of the ashes,
Out of the Dust,
A slave.
Out of the Slave,
A servant.
Out of the Servant,
A saint,
Out of the Saint,
A Son.
Out of the Son,
Out of obedience,
The Spirit.
Out of The Spirit,
Out of The Truth,
Out of The Life,
Out of the Love,
a Bride.
Out of the Bride,
A Child.
Out of the Child,

Out of Abba ...

Isaiah 65:17-18

"For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth;
and the former things shall not be remembered
or come into mind.
But be glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create;
for behold, I create Jerusalem a rejoicing,
and her people a joy".

(c) 1997 CT Janitor

May be freely copied and distributed
at no cost to the recipient

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Cup of Love

A cup of Joy I do not have,
To give to you as Healing Salve.
But there’s a King I know Who lives Above.
He’ll give to you His cup of Love.

Your grief is His, He knows it well.
He gave His body then went to Hell
And suffered such unspeakable things,
Then God promoted Him to King of Kings.

When your time is done, so it will be.
After this is through. Just wait and see.
God Himself will give you His hand
And bring you to your Promised Land.

A place of Beauty, Peace and Lasting Joy;
Of Righteousness and Healing Employ.
And all because there is a King Above
Who gave up His life to give you His Love.

© 2002 CT Janitor
May be freely copied and distributed
at no cost to the recipient.

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Dear Daughter-In-Law

= = = = = = =

Emerald In The City

There is an Emerald in the City.
A place where people go
To worship God the Father,
And help their Faith to grow.

Laughter can be heard there,
The sound of Joy, and tears
Of Repentance from the Heart
And Healing of ones Fears.

Home of Peace and Kindness,
Of Breaking Bread and conversation
That encourages our growth
And Strengthens our Salvation.

Mighty and strong are the prayers,
Prayed upon the Western shore.
In the presence of the Son,
In the presence of Two or More.

O Gemstone bright and clear,
No blemish can be found.
A fitting Gift of Love
For the King's Wedding crown.


(c) 1996 CT Janitor
May be freely copied and distributed
at no cost to the recipient.

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This is the Story of our RelationShip


It’s Ongoing Mission?

To Seek Out and Save Lost Worlds.

To Bring Forth New Life in New Generations.


Where NO MAN has proclaimed before.

© 2000 CT Janitor
May be freely copied and distributed
at NO COST to the recipient.

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Harborview Hospital

The Enemy thought he had it made
Living his life in the shade
Of the Lord's Kingdom of Medical Aid.

Deceiving the lost with lies,
Hassling the Saints by surprise,
Unaware of his impending demise.

Jesus Christ hears the prayers of His Elect,
Their struggles and tears He does not forget
Nor their work in His Medical Government.

Armies of Angels are set to attack.
The Lord gives the Word; He takes no flack
In the victorious rout to get His hospital back.

Satan's hand will soon be broken,
All his evil works and lies just a token
Reminder of the power of God's Word spoken.

Peace and Righteousness will now renew
And refresh the inhabitants of Harborview,
A hospital within the Lord's medical purview...

"Who (the Lord), being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death-- even death on a cross! Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father".
Philippians 2:6-11

© 25 Nov 1995 CT Janitor
May be freely copied and distributed
at no cost to the recipient

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I saw a Helicopter,

It was Hovering, not quite Stationary.

The Pilot was intently Watching, Feeling, Hearing.

Blades rotating with Attitude Adjustments being made

To compensate for the Opposing Forces of Lift,

Gravity, Velocity, Momentum, Angle, Frequency.

Hence suspended above the Earth, always

Falling, forever

Being lifted by the Work of the Rotors.

© 1995, 1998 CT Janitor
May be freely copied and distributed
at no cost to the recipient

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His Majesty’s Ship

The age of REASON is here
But is closing rather fast.
A Taller Ship is at the harbor
And coming into Port at last.

Is being provided by the Son.
To give His Saints another Day
‘Till ALL His Kingdom come.

tHis ship is White and Bright,
Much larger than the rest.
Upon the Starboard deck are cargo
Marked "Nothing But The Best".

As the Yacht draws ever nearer,
It's Nameplate can be seen
Painted in a background of
With letters of Bright Green.

At the Helm above the Sign stands
The Skipper dressed in
Brown and Red,
Flashing a Happy Smile He gives a Hearty Wave
To those of us who are Crucified and Dead.

For the Word and Name engraved
And etched upon the Hull
Is the Word that He's been waiting for
To wake us from our lull.

A simple name, yet complete
To grace His Majesty's Ship.
A Longshoreman cries "At last, at last, I see!"
It is the

© 1998 CT Janitor.
May be freely copied and distributed
at no cost to the recipient.

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Christians don't die.
They sleep in the dust
And Live in the Sky.

Apart from the Body
Is present with the Lord,
Enjoying an Eternal Hobby.

And then Resurrection
Not being delayed.
A finished Sanctification.

New Body, New Heart,
With Him forever.
Not bad for a New Start.

Christians don't die.
We sleep in the dust
And Live in the Sky.

By Romanus Christian Theophilus
In Honor of My Father
7 March 1936 – 29 October 2007

= = = = = = =

Mr. Spock,

Mar 1982 - Mar 1996


Mr. Spock was beamed up today.
Where he went I cannot say.
I moved the lever that energized him home,
But we know his soul is not alone.

Perhaps he’s with The Captain
Aboard a speeding ship.
Waiting for his Redemption
At the end of this Human Trek.

Or he could be in a Peaceful Place
Along with others of his kind.
Joking and laughing with his friends
Not a trouble on his mind.

One thing though I know for sure,
No matter where he’s got.
Whether on a Planet or in the Sky,
Lost in Space he’s not!

Ecclesiastes 3:21
Romans 8:19-24

© 2 April 1996 CT Janitor
May be freely copied and distributed
at no cost to the recipient

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('cause he got Fired)

Murphy says "CAN’T" and "WON’T",
When God says "CAN" and "DO".
Murphy puts the lid on all things GOOD and TRUE.

Misery is Murphy’s BED,
To which all fools being are led.
He even makes a mockery of the KING Who died and bled.

Murphy is insane and in every way dement',
Making believe evil is good,
And declaring wholeness; "rent".

Now comes the Lord, Great God and KING,
A Proclamation of RIGHT He sings.

Hear now His Word and Song;
With Lovingkindness and Power
He forever Rights the wrong...

Verse 1
"Murphy is a wee little Imp,
A wee little Imp is he.
Murphy runs and hides his face
From the Tiniest Little Gwee."

Refrain: to the tune of "O Susanna")
"Old Mr. Murphy you don’t work here anymore.
Left your First Estate,
Became Second Rate,
You don’t work here anymore."

Verse 2
"Murphy’s Law, illegal is,
ain’t got a place in My Kingdom.
If Murphy tries to steal your joy,
just repeat the Word that I bring him."

© 1998 CT Janitor
May be freely copied and distributed
at no cost to the recipient

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My Name Is "I AM"
(By Helen Mallicoat)

I was regretting the past
And fearing the future.

Suddenly my Lord was speaking:

“My Name is I Am”.

He Paused. I Waited. He continued,

“When you live in the past
With its mistakes and regrets,
It is hard. I am not there.

My name is not ‘I Was’”.

“When you live in the future
With its problems and fears,
It is hard. I am not there.

My name is not ‘I will be’”.

“When you live in this moment
It is not hard. I am here.

My Name is I Am”.

By Helen Mallicoat

= = = = = = =


There was a village that was known as Mythropolis,
Which was ruled by a chief named Mythrotellus.
But he was really quite weak,
and never would speak,
Still the people were awed by his Pompousness.

He was married to a voluptuous Adulteress
Who the people regarded as some goddess.
But she was quite barren,
and spoke only by swearin'
Still the people were swooned by her Lovelessness.

For the time is coming when people
will not endure sound teaching,
but having itching ears they will accumulate
for themselves teachers to suit their own likings,
and will turn away from listening to the truth
and wander into myths.
2nd Timothy 4:3-4

©1998 CT Janitor
May be freely copied and distributed
at no cost to the recipient

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Ransom Man
Was born in a barn.
He worked with His arm,
And lived serving others while doing no harm.
Raggedy Man
Was lifted on high,
Then left up on a Cross to die.
Hanging in agony; "Forgive them…" was all He would cry.
Resurrection Man
Was raised from the Dead with a Plan
To overcome. Death and Sin could not withstand
The effectual and everlasting sacrifice of the Resurrection Man.


 © 1993, 1998 CT Janitor
May be freely copied and distributed
at no cost to the recipient

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Seven Fifteen ‘95

The Author astride new 1994 Honda MAGNA
Spring 1995

Fifteen days into Seven,
I wish I'd died and gone to Heaven.
MAGNAfying the Lord that Day,
God's sovereignty was coming my way.

Four wheels sent from Above.
All the better to show God's Love
And Power over the Evil one,
And to glorify God's own Son.

The Jeep decided to cross the road
To beat the on-coming traffic load.
My bike and I were in the lead
But to my presence he paid no heed.

Two wheels made the attempt
At stopping short of getting bent.
Failing that I head for the front
Of the Wagon rig that bore no brunt.

A quick and agile move to the right
Gave a chance of safe clearance in sight.
Alas, NO! Front wheel met bumper,
Giving this biker quite a thumper.

On the ground I laid not alone,
But surrounded by God's very own
Angelic hosts of warring might,
Which demons flee at that awesome sight.

Sound of sirens marked the arrival
Of Police and EMT's. Their tools of survival
Brought to my side for their assistance.
"Don't cut my jacket"! They disregarded my insistence.

Hoisted up on the Medic's tram
I was carried into the Emergency Van.
Two Med-techs prepared for the racing ride.
I was strapped in; with them at my side.

My spirit sensed God's presence near,
His Spirit put my faith in gear.
With eyes closed and right hand raised
Unto Heaven, God's glory praised;

"This Day is Blessed", I prayed aloud,
Then resigned myself to the Medical crowd.
I lowered my arm and went to sleep
Praying the Lord "My soul to keep".

The first stop was at Overlake,
Various X-ray pictures there to take,
Determining the injury's full extent
To my left leg, from hip to toe it went.

A pelvic fracture fix they could not do
So I was sent to the Experts at Harborview.
My good and faithful Wife waited in the lobby
Of the emergency room for her injured Hubby.

With screws, steel plates and titanium pins
My lower leg and knee were repaired therein.
Six days later during surgery number three
They performed the rest of the repairs above the knee.

In addition to all the broken bone
Many nerves were severed, reducing muscle tone.
Thus affecting the quality of walking stride,
Not to mention my ability to ride.

Certain areas of my skin were also affected,
The neuro-signals from input being rejected
And no longer transmitted to the brain.
Feelings such as hot, cold, pleasure or pain.

Then there's the issue of my body's regeneration
And healing by means of muscle calcification.
For this strange tissue turned to bone
Surgery number four was supposed to atone.

But now... A Word from the
Great Physician.
He is the
Son of God, not some two-bit magician.
He created Heaven above and Earth below,
His Kingdom and Body continue to grow.

Now, Hear what the
Lord God has to say...
His Glory and Power revealed tHis Way:

I will remove the screws, metal rods and plates.
I will mend the bones and do whatever it takes
To make your body as good as new,"
(An even better job than performed at Harborview).

I will heal the damaged nerves in a flash,
And replace the muscle removed by the slash
Of the scalpel used in surgery four,
The calcified tissue will appear no more."

I will erase the scars for a living testimony
Of My Love for God's Medical Community.
By this means I will reveal the Son of God,
As a Witness for those that walk Earth’s sod."

"And not to mention moving loads of cash
Into My servant's private stash
From the offending party's insurance loot,
Just another way to show God’s Son Absolute."

"Oh, and just in case you think I’m gonna wait
To perform this miracle on the Resurrection Date,
You can rest; assured that I'm in the mood Now!
To fully heal this biker dude."

"And one more thing I have to say.
Before My Father this I pray.
A promise I Here and Now sustain.
My servant shall ride, and never be hit again."


© 25 Dec 1995 CT Janitor
May be freely copied and distributed
at no cost to the recipient

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Songs of Hope

= = = = = = =

The Settlement

= = = = = = =



The Timetables of History,

Chosen by God.

How Close Are We?

The New Millennium.

Caesar-The Civil War,

Understanding Psychology.

© 1993, 1998 CT Janitor
May be freely copied and distributed
at no cost to the recipient

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To The Enemy

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Toxic Dumping Ground
By Carolyn Caines

Me? A toxic dumping ground
From Adam until now.
The Holy Spirit's long-term plan?
To clean me up somehow.

Sin? Yes, I was born in it,
Contaminated waste.
Until I was born again
And bathed in God's own grace.

Work? Oh, there is much to do
Since Jesus is the Boss.
He has plans to purify,
To work out all the dross.

Careful? Yes, I'll listen well.
I handle toxic waste.
I always wear protective clothes.
My helmet is in place.

Blest? Quite certainly I am
And evermore shall be.
Generations yet to come
Bear fruit because of me!

By Carolyn Caines

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Portrait of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik (c) 2003
Confirmed by
Colton Burpo circa 2005