Dreams & Visions

"In The Volume Of The Book It Is Written Of Me"

Portrait of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik (c) 2003
I Am


Skinned Alive
1962 or 1963

I dreamed that…

I awakened in the attic bedroom of my Grandmother’s house in Kirkland. I went downstairs to find my parents. They had been skinned alive.

End of dream.

I awoke, but was very fearful at this, and was troubled for some time after.

Jesus Today
13 Jul 1987

I dreamed that…

A friend and fellow custodian was with me in the living room of my Dad's house. Jesus was there too, so I asked Him, "When are we leaving"?

"Today", He replied.

Well, you can guess our reaction. We were overjoyed at the prospect. Then our Lord handed me a slip of paper. This seemed to be a form of some type. The name of a girl and other information was on it. By inference I understood that this person was not a Christian and that I was supposed to talk to her about Jesus.

My friend was directed to place a phone call. I assumed that it was to his family.

Our Lord didn't say much, but it seemed that He was there to visit and to take it easy before He started collecting all the Christians.

A Dark Sail And A Bright Ship
(See Letter 291 Volume 5-14)

In about 1992 or so we got a new stereo system that had a multi-disc CD changer. Soon thereafter I would often sit in a rocking chair next to the stereo and listen to tunes on headphones.

One of the songs I would listen to was by Jethro Tull, and is called Broadsword. It is about a man who sees “a dark sail on the horizon”, and how he issues a call to arms and then finds safe shelter for women and children.

As I would listen to the music, I would visualized what I thought a tall ship with darks sails would look like. But then, in my imagination, another ship would appear. I didn’t realize it then, but this other ship was being sent from the Lord by angel Gabe. This was before I knew much at all about angels, prophetic visions, and such.

Anyway, this new ship was a very large Luxury Cruise Liner, about three times the size of the Spanish galleon that I was imagining. It was white in color, contrasted with the dark sailed ship that I was seeing.

Then, I would see the White ship come alongside the Dark ship as it was trying to tie up to a pier in the port, and smash the small galleon into pieces. And then that would be the end of the vision.

And for many years I couldn’t get the pictures out of my head. I would always remember the song by Jethro Tull and the picture of the White ship crushing the dark ship. When I started writing poetry, I wrote about the White ship I saw in this vision.

I had not thought about this poem until very recently when I was remembering some of the photos I took while in Astoria last September. When I was atop the Astoria Column, coincidently there on the horizon was a cruise ship coming into the Port of Astoria from sea. And this ship was indeed White and Bright. And big, even compared to some of the freighters that were powering their way up the Columbia.

So, below is the Poem with a link to one of the pictures I took. I find it interesting that one of the lines includes a reference to a “new season”. When I wrote it I hadn’t a clue as to what it meant. Now, at least I have a few ideas. According to Church tradition, whenever angel Gabriel is sent by God from Heaven to the Earth, one of the signs that follows him is a change of chronology. The coming indeed of a New Day.

His Majesty’s Ship
© 1998 by C.T. Janitor

The age of REASON is here
But is closing rather fast.
A Taller Ship is at the harbor
And coming into Port at last.

Is being provided by the Son.
To give His Saints another Day
‘Till ALL His Kingdom come.

This ship is White and Bright,
Much larger than the rest.
Upon the Starboard deck are cargo
Marked "Nothing But The Best".

As the Yacht draws ever nearer,
It's Nameplate can be seen
Painted in a background of Blue
With letters of Bright Green.

At the Helm above the Sign stands
The Skipper dressed in Brown and Red,
Flashing a Happy Smile He gives a Hearty Wave
To those of us who are Crucified and Dead.

For the Word and Name engraved
And etched upon the Hull
Is the Word that He's been waiting for
To wake us from our lull.

A simple name, yet complete
To grace His Majesty's Ship.
A Longshoreman cries "At last, at last, I see!"

© 1998 CT Janitor.
May be freely copied and distributed at no cost to the recipient.

Worldwide Epidemic
09 Dec 1992

Last night I dreamed that…

There was a worldwide epidemic of a disease, which was terminal in every case. It took the form of a gray translucent cloud as it spread around the globe.  My impression was that the disease was introduced by aliens not of this world.

A remedy had been found though, that caused a reversal of the disease and its affects and brought about a total cure.

The cure came in the form of a self-adhesive label which had the name and phone number of a building security monitoring company. The label emitted a low-level radiation, which killed the virus and maintained a state of immunity providing the label remained attached to the patient.

I remember in the dream that I wanted to make sure that my cat was "labeled".

Then I awoke.


The disease that was introduced into the world is sin.

The aliens who introduced the disease to the world are Satan and his demons. The form of the gray translucent cloud with which the epidemic took shape represents the way in which sin and deception is spreading throughout the world, co-mingling the pure light of truth with the putrid darkness of falsehood.

The label as a whole represents the Remedy which is Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. The label being self-adhesive represents the way in which our salvation is assured through the work of the Holy Spirit and not of ourselves. It is God Himself that maintains the adhesion of the label to the patient. The name of the security company represents the name of God which the disciples of Jesus Christ bear, and also represents the fact that God is responsible for the disciple's safety and security.

The phone number of the security company represents the ability of the disciple to have real time duplex communications with God the Creator. The low-level radiation represents the cumulative affect of a believer's life being lived wholly holy unto the Lord.

My cat represents creation as being sealed and waiting for the redemption of the saints at the coming of the Son of Man.

Gang Warfare
25 Jan 1994

In this dream…

I found myself running through a field being chased by members of a gang who were trying to stone me. As I ran I spotted a small building with an open door which I approached and entered. The building seemed to be an abandoned smokehouse of some kind.

Several of the gang members followed me in. After entering, I stopped and as I turned around I noticed that one of the gangster's two front teeth were badly deformed. They grew out of his mouth making a sharp bend to the left and circled his head twice, forming a cage which made it barely possible for him to eat and impossible for him to kiss.

At this point I begin to awake, and in my waking dream I thought to myself that the poor man might possibly be relieved of his prison if I could saw his front teeth off with a carbide wire saw.

The "Gang" represents Denominationalism, and the "Gangsters" are members of church denominations, Protestant and Catholic. The deformed teeth are the lies which we Christians tell throughout our own lives in an attempt to shield ourselves from our  neighbor's cruel remarks as well as our own. But this shield becomes our own curse as our life is partly contingent on the frequent production and maintenance of the lies which in turn become a prison of deceit. This keeps us from a proper diet of truth and the tender touch of love.

The abandoned smoke-house may represent a previous work of God that provides refuge.

The carbide wire saw represents Creative Spiritual Technology in applying "Truth in Love" in order to "set the Captive free".  Amen.

The Obelisk
19 Mar 1994

Dream, Act I

Scene 1
I was riding in a car with a man from work through downtown Bellevue heading south on Bellevue Way. Looking up we noticed a large obelisk in the sky. It was shaped like an open book held vertically. I saw what appeared to be writing on pages of the book, and while I could not read the writing verbatim
I knew that they were words of powerful deception come to deceive the whole world. I had the impression that the perceived size of the obelisk would change to fit the seeing ability of the beholder.

Scene 2
Further south we came into a wealthy suburb of Bellevue. The obelisk had followed us from behind and came to a stop above and somewhat behind the car. We had parked alongside the street. A crowd began to gather in the street in front of us to gaze at the obelisk, which had pressed itself up against the wires on the telephone pole, still in its original orientation (open and vertical) but smaller so as to maintain the same aspect and ratio to the viewer due to it's close proximity. At that point I realized that I needed to get out of the car and preach the Gospel as a Witness, which I did.
I began with Genesis 1:1 and then proceeded to explain the life of Jesus Christ.

Scene 3
We got back into my co-worker's VW and headed towards downtown Bellevue. Looking east I noticed that I could see the dark rocky crags of the Cascade mountain range as if they were sitting in Redmond, with Mt. Si being the most prominent. Then I saw a very strange sight. An unseen power which I perceived to be that of Antichrist had levitated a snow-covered mountain into the sky above the Eastside and was moving it around and twisting it as if it were on the end of a stick or baton. I also perceived that many of the people that could see this sight were amazed and awe struck.

(As I began to awake I realized that the reason people can be deceived by the fantastic "signs and wonders" performed by Satan, by his manipulation of God's physical laws, is that they do not know the Creator of those physical laws. Then I fell back to sleep.)

Act II
There had been a calamity of some sort that shut down the power to the entire area. I reported to work and noticed that the interior and especially the floor of the building was covered with mud. People, myself included, were trying to go about their daily duties as per normal. The President of the Company had taken personal charge of the situation and was giving orders and directions. I was in a meeting with some others that were receiving His instructions. It was my job to act as a courier and deliver a package to another location. I remember thinking that I was going to have to avoid running into demons (because there were so many of them) as I made the delivery.

At this point I awoke.

The Salesman
20 Mar 1994

In this dream...

I was with my wife in our Ranger pickup. A salesperson called me on my cellular phone and tried to persuade me to become involved in his promotion. I refused and hung-up the phone. Not being daunted, the salesman found where I was parked and approached my car in person (I was parked in a designated parking area in a field, being separated from the main road by railroad tracks over which an access road passed to the main road).

He noticed I had the window down and begin speaking to me as soon as he was close enough. As he approached I noticed that one side of his face was disfigured. The first thing he said was "I have a job for you". He then commenced with his sales pitch and continued to speak without ceasing. I started my car and drove away wanting to put as much distance between myself and the salesman as quickly as possible.

End of dream.

I then awoke and went sleepily into the family room. Turning on the TV to a prominent Christian network, I started to watch a broadcast from a large Mid-west Church. The senior pastor was talking about "seed faith", apparently hoping to persuade people to send money to his organization.

The Dance
21 March 1994

In this dream…
I was standing in the entrance of a large church sanctuary vestibule. There had been a dance there and a bunch of young men were grouped in the foyer commiserating on their common trauma of not having had a date or dance partner. I felt compassion for them in my soul and decided to go up to the alter and pray for them.

I remember thinking that I had complete confidence in approaching God at His Throne with the intention of getting on His Holy Case about Him not giving female companions to the young men to dance with.

End of dream.

Train Wreck
(See Letter 276 Volume 5-14)
15 May 1994

21 Nov 1994

In this dream...

I dreamed that I was the Captain of a Ship or Ferryboat of some kind.  I was navigating the boat from the open sea towards our destination.  We came into a Harbor, and then a Port from which there were many Canals leading into a City.
I knew that our destination was at the end of one of these canals, so I headed the boat into the one directly ahead.  The canal was just wide enough for our Ferryboat to slip into.  At that time the Lord revealed to me that our destination was DRY GROUND.  I saw up ahead the end of the canal, which was terminated by a concrete bulkhead.  From there a street  proceeded from the end of the canal into the city.
I knew I wanted to get the Ship onto dry land as quickly as possible.  Not seeing any other alternative, I gave the order for maximum power, so that we could build up enough momentum to "jump the curb" onto the Dry Ground of the Street ahead.  
We made the jump without any damage to the ship, and slid along the street for a ways under the propulsion of the inherent inertia, coming to a stop finally in front of a rather tall and elegant office building.
Then, I found myself walking into the building, go up the elevator, and into an office where a Maritime Tribunal was convened. I was accused of Unorthodox Behavior by bringing the Ferryboat onto Dry Ground in the Way that I did. 
I remember that they wanted to strip me of my command. My only defense was that "Jesus was my Lord", and that "I served Him, and not man".

End of dream.

Incident at Harborview
(See Letter 261 Volume 5-14)
15 July 1995

= = = = = = = = = = =

Mountain In The Sky
(See Letter 357 Volume 5-15)
15 July 1995

This dream happened at the end of Dream #4 (Part Two, The Tower), but before Dream #5 (Satellite Dish Mandate). (See Letter 261 Volume 5-14)

In this dream…

Suddenly I found myself in a different place. I was no longer surrounded by the wreckage of the collapsing tower of the hospital where I had been hunted and chased by the staff so they could kill me.

Instead, I found myself looking down from a doorway that was at the base of a mountain. But the Mountain was floating in the sky, about 100 feet above the Hospital and Tower.

The doorway had protruding in front of it a small porch or veranda where one could stand outside and look at the scenery. It was much like being in a hot air balloon. Just floating.

Somehow, I had been transported away from the top of the Hospital Tower just in time to escape all the wreckage that I had just caused by firing my Grease Gun into the supporting structure of the building.

I remember in the dream of wondering how I escaped such destruction, but grateful that I had.

End of dream.

The Fishing Lodge
31 Jan 1998

In this dream…

I had been invited to a Fishing Lodge in the foothills not far from my home. The Lodge was built primarily for people wanting to learn how to fish.
I found myself walking along a dirt road that led to the Lodge. Up ahead was a bridge that crossed a mountain stream used by the Lodge guests and their instructors for fishing practice. As I crossed the bridge I observed something quite grotesque. A fish had been placed on top of one of the bridge railings and held down by a steel clamp, apparently so that arriving Lodge Guests could see what type of fish they were to learn to catch.
The fish was still alive, but covered with various worms, maggots and insects. These Predators had attached themselves to the fish waiting for it to die.
I tried splashing water on the fish to keep it alive. This helped revive the fish, but also allowed the predators to multiply and get stronger. I then used my Pocketknife to scrape the worms, maggots and bugs off. This worked, but much of the fish's skin came off as well.
Finally I used my Swiss Army knife to break open the clamp. I put the fish back into the stream. I could tell it was in pain as it began to slowly struggle upstream.
Watching the Fish swim away, I wondered if it would survive, but I knew it preferred to die Free in the Water rather than as a Prisoner covered with Worms.
End of dream.

In Iraq
19 Feb 1998

In this dream…

I was standing with a group of American soldiers who had just been captured by Iraqi soldiers. There were about 50 or so of us and about two hundred of the Enemy. They had encircled us in a ring, and were armed only with rifles and pistols.

In front of us just beyond our captors were a fence and a hedgerow, and just beyond that we could see an American unit dug in.

The Commander of our group noticed that there was some initial confusion and hesitation among our captors. He immediately took this opportunity and gave orders for us to charge in the direction of the American line. As we did, I noticed that the enemy behind us didn't open fire right away for fear of hitting their comrades on the other side of the ring.

The facing enemy soldiers were too surprised to react as we wrestled their own firearms away from them and begin shooting. Then, without waiting we hightailed it over the fence and hedgerow into the safety of our own troops.

Some of our boys didn't make it, but we knew that they would have approved of our escape.

End of dream.

Demon Ship
19 May 1998

Last night I dreamed that…

I was on a boat or ferry of some kind. Many people were on the boat with me that had come aboard to be delivered from demons. I knew there were demons on the boat waiting to attack me but I decided to sit down for a rest.

I found a place to sit up against what seemed to be a mast. As I sat down I noticed a pile of thin wire coiled on the floor behind the mast.

Not long after I sat down some demons grabbed the wire and started to wrap it around the mast in order to tie me up. They made several loops around my body and were trying to get it around my throat to strangle me. I flailed with my hands. That loosened the wire enough for me to get one hand into my pocket and onto my pocketknife. I was able to pull out my pocketknife, open it up and proceed to cut the wire.

As soon as I was free, the demons left.

After that I was standing at an upper level of the ship that was two or three steps above the main floor. One of the head demons came to me as one who had been defeated. He came to the bottom stair and kneeled at my feet. I told him to get up and to leave. As he turned to exit through a door to my left, I raised my pocketknife in anger and ordered that I never wanted to see him again. The demon slowly turned away with his head down in defeat and sulked through the door.

Then I awoke…

When I woke up I was all sweaty. As I got out of bed I realized that I was extremely exhausted, mentally, spiritually, and physically. I made it to work, but each step was a struggle. It seemed that the spirits of Depression and Oppression were with me all night. Finally at around 10:30 PM the Lord sent help and delivered me. Even so, it took until Thursday night (when I am writing this down) for me to regain my full strength.

Gay Jew
30 Aug 1998

Last night I dreamed that…
The Lord led me into a friendship with a man suspected by his friends of being gay. The man invited me to become his roommate, and I agreed. His apartment was on an upper level of an apartment building.
Funny thing about those apartments. The bedrooms for all the apartments were one big open room more like an open bay barracks with no physical barrier between sleeping spaces. Every one could see everyone else as they were getting ready for bed and going to sleep, and whom they were sleeping with.
I thought by my friend’s appearance that he might be Jewish. So I asked him what his last name was. He rattled off a somewhat long name, and I knew from the sound of it that it was of Jewish origin. So I asked him, "Are you Jewish"? "Yes", he replied.
I’m not sure why, it may have had something to do with the lack of privacy, but my friend and I decided to move out of the apartment to live somewhere else. As we were leaving, he patted me on the butt as a sign of affection. I said that I did not appreciate being touched that way and asked if he would please not do it again. He agreed. (At that moment the knowledge was given to me by the Lord that the primary reason for my friendship with this Jew was so that he could be healed, and that I should not refuse or comment on his expression of affection toward me.)
As we were about to leave the ground floor lobby of the apartment building, I remembered that I had left something behind. I left my friend to go back up to the apartment and get whatever it was I had forgotten. I got back up to the apartment and looked in the "bedroom". Then, all the other neighbors on that floor, who shared our "bedroom" with us, saw me. They became very agitated and violent. And I knew their thoughts; "How dare a Christian become friends with a Gay Jew".
The crowd picked up whatever loose objects they could find and came at me to kill me. I was able to retreat into a room that was accessed by a balcony overlooking the street below. I closed the sliding glass door behind me, but the mob began beating on the glass. Just as they had started to penetrate and shatter the glass door, there was a violent earthquake. It shook the building so hard that my assailants were thrown from the balcony, meeting their deaths on the ground below. Only one man was left standing outside. I picked myself off the floor. Brushed the dust and broken glass off and carefully opened what was left of the slider, not sure of what the man outside was going to do. He saw me, and I could tell he was still angry, but then he dropped the bar he was still holding, mumbled some words and turned to go.
The saddest part about this is that I recognized him as a Christian Brother from a church I had previously attended, who had been excommunicated due to unrepentant sexual misconduct.

End of dream.

26 Mar 1999

Some months ago I had a dream. I don't remember any of the details other than at the end of the dream there was a man who had a strange name, Kisorrow. That's all I remember of the dream.

I had forgotten all about the dream until about 3 weeks ago, when something I was watching on TV apparently triggered the memory of the name, Kisorrow. Then the Holy Spirit revealed to me the Name and His meaning.

 "I have kissed the Son, for His name is Sorrow"
Psalms 2:12 (kjv), Isaiah 53:3,4 (kjv)
CT Janitor

Psalm 2:12
Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him. (KJV)
Isaiah 53:3-4
He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. (KJV)

Head Custodian
22 Aug 1999

Last night the Lord appeared to me in a dream. I dreamed that…
I was given a motorcycle that had once belonged to my youngest brother. It was a full dress street machine, with an interesting and versatile instrument cluster. I began riding this bike toward my destination in Kremmling, Colorado. I was relocating there and had already secured a job as a custodian at a High School just outside of town.
After riding along a freeway for a short distance, I found myself entering the high school parking lot. As I passed through the gate at the entrance, a parking attendant stopped me and asked what my business was. I informed him that I was a new custodian, and that I had to report to the Head Custodian in the lunchroom. After clearing me he waved me through, but not before he had pinned a small ceramic replica of a Ladybug on the sleeve of my T-shirt. I knew instinctively that this was some kind of locator monitoring device, and I flicked it off of me as soon as I was out of eyeshot.
The school was very busy. There must have been a football game or something because the parking lots were full, and the driveways were backed up. So I took advantage of my superior mobility and started to pull wheelies over the parking lot divider bulkheads, curbs, and anything else that got in my way. This part was interesting because I was doing things on a full dress street machine that you would normally only do on a trials bike. My left leg had been healed by this time, so I was having loads of fun jumping over these obstacles, half standing with my knees bent to absorb the shock of each successive jump.
I pulled up to the back door of the cafeteria, next to the Dumpster. An older custodian was hauling some trash out. At first I thought he has the Head, but he just waved me inside. Upon entering I noticed two things that were a little out of place for a school. One was that everything seemed very clean and well maintained, the other was a spiral staircase at one end of the serving counter. And standing at the foot of the stairs was the
Head Custodian. He seemed to be in His mid-fifties, with black hair and a balding head, and dressed in a typical gray/green uniform. There were traces of sweat on His brow, as if He had just finished stacking chairs. Before I could speak He looked at me and said,


Then I woke up.
P.S. Whenever the Lord appears to me in a dream, it becomes the "best dream I ever had", and this one is no exception.

Seattle Dumpster
29 Sep 1999

I was with the Lord when He asked me if I wanted to meet Dad. "Sure", I said and away we went. Now I was growing very excited at the prospect of meeting my Heavenly Father as Abba, and my anticipation grew stronger as we traveled.
For some reason the Lord first brought me to the door of a root cellar. We entered, walked down along a tunnel in the earth and came to where the Beer Barrels were stored. He poured us both a pint. This beer had the taste and consistency of Honey. We drank, then went continued on our way.

I kept expecting to be taken to some place glorious, such as the Third Heaven, but instead we ended up in a dark alley somewhere in Seattle. As we walked He led me to a dumpster, and my feelings of expectation gave way to a sinking in my soul. Jesus raised the lid and rummaged through the trash. While He was doing this I was able to see inside.
Emerging from beneath the trash, laying in His hands I saw a small plastic baby doll.

At this point I began to sob because I already knew the prophetic symbology of this. I flung my head into His shoulder and wept, and began to think of the recent tragedies in our Nation, the hurricane and flooding on the East Coast, the shooting in the Church in Texas, etc. Knowing my thoughts He said; "I had to send the floods, because your people have put their Father into the dumpster".

This then is the Word the Lord has given:


Repent therefore, and be saved. Amen.

Smith River
04 Oct 1999

In this vision....

I am in the air looking down. I see a Man of God standing on the rocky bank of the Smith River in the Northern most part of California. I see that there is an Open Book in his left hand. His right hand is raised up to Heaven. He stands there, not saying a word, but I can sense the power of the Word of God flowing from his left hand through his right. He stands, prophesying the Whole Council of God to the River.
I look up, and see the principalities of darkness prepare to make their descent upon the Man. I see these evil spirits fall like lightning.
But they do not see the shield. It is invisible to the naked eye, and it surrounds the Man in a sphere, about fifty feet in any direction. The demonic spirits crash into the shield and bounce to the ground, stunned and in dis-array.
The shield is invisible, but shimmers transparent and can be seen with the Eyes of Faith. As the Man of God stands and continues to prophesy, the shield begins to expand.
Within the expanse of the shield, evil has no place. Faith is restored. Hope is renewed. The earth is regenerated, and the Love of God springs forth in New Flames burning with great heat.

Goddess Spirit
09, 10 Oct 1999

Last night (9 October) I saw the Goddess Spirit. She was nude, attractively built, slender, about 5' 8" tall, with breasts a man would die for. Her brunette / blond hair was made up in a bouffant style, which gave her the appearance of being taller.
"Why are you her" I demanded. "You invited me in", she replied while looking at me is if to say , "I'm stronger than you are, so why not submit"?
She emanated a powerful spiritual force. I began to prophecy the Word to her, thinking that it would evoke the Fear of God in her. This had no affect. She just smirked at me and continued to glare at me with a haughty look.
I looked over my shoulder to see who was behind me. There was the Lord, standing and leaning up against a wall. He had His arms crossed, and was observing my activities. I knew what He was doing. I had done this same thing myself many times as a supervisor. After showing a subordinate how to do a task, I would stand back and watch them perform, taking mental note of how well the job was accomplished.
I turned back to the evil spirit and continued to prophecy. But feelings of powerlessness began to overwhelm me. I sank to my knees and cried out to the Lord. Jesus came immediately and knelt beside me. He took my hand in his and together we prayed to our Father.
This morning (10 October) I saw Michael the Archangel standing in front of the goddess. He began to drape binding chains over her shoulders, and put manacles on her wrists behind her. He did this gently, and with grace.
Next I see the evil spirit standing about 20 feet in front of me. I am stronger now, and I raise my single shot carbine rifle, take aim and am just about to fire when the Lord taps me on my shoulder. "You using that thing again"? He says. Then he passes the Grease Gun to me. For some reason I am a little reluctant to fire, but I do. I fire a short three round burst. Then I pull and hold the trigger and "let 'er rip".
The result is too gruesome for words, but the victory is complete.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ecclesiastes 7:25-26
25)I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness:
26)And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her.

Living Child
20 Oct 99

In this vision...
The Lord is with me, and I ask Him again to take me to Abba. 
"Come with Me", He says.  He takes me to the same dark alley in Seattle and the same dumpster as before and reaches in.   As He lifts his hands out I can see, not a plastic doll as before, but a LIVING NEWBORN infant.
"What does this mean?" I ask. He replies: "These are My infant Children which my Church has abandoned and discarded with the rest of the World's garbage.   These are those who will see My Abba as He really is.

My Brother’s Deliverance
24 Oct 1999

In this dream I dreamed that….

I was with my middle brother for the purpose of driving out the demons from him. My Mom and youngest brother were also present, but just looked on and did not get involved. My father was not in the dream.

My middle brother resisted at first, and stuck me with a dirty needle that had infection on it. I ignored this and continued to take authority over the demons. After some time, I called the prayer partners at TBN for some support. After still more time, the demons finally manifested and came out. One I noticed took the form of a cleaning lady, complete with broom and dustpan.

There was an elevator at hand into which I was corralling the demons in order to send them back into the pit. He wanted to follow them in, but I prevented him and finally got the demons into the elevator and sent them on their way.

End of dream.

Wolves & Lambs
30 Oct 1999

Over the past month the Lord has shown this to me by vision:
I am standing at one end of a valley. It is dark, but the sky is clear. There is no moon, but the stars of heaven are clearly visible. In the starlight I can see some activity in the distance. As my eyes adjust to the darkness I am able to see, just a few yards ahead, the figure of a wolf standing over the carcass of a lamb. It has blood on it's jowls, and looks at me as if to say "I beat you here, so I get to eat". I raise my single shot carbine rifle to my cheek and drop the wolf with one shot.
Now my eyes have gained their night vision, and I see that the valley floor is littered with the bodies of little lambs, each with a wolf standing over it eating it's flesh. I start shooting one wolf at a time. But this takes too long, so I cry out to God. Just then the Lord taps me on my right shoulder and passes another rifle to me. It is one I am familiar with, one I have used before. It is a "Grease Gun", a .45 caliber sub-machine gun, and my weapon of choice. I know from past experience that I can fire all day long and not run out of ammo, because the supply is endless.
I proceed, walking slowly at first into the valley, firing short three-round bursts as I go and dropping as many wolves as I hit. I have to walk slowly because of the darkness, wishing it was daylight so I could work more quickly.
Then the Lord taps me on my right shoulder again. This time He passes some flares to me. I put one in the end of the barrel, point to the sky and fire. The valley floor is lit up like daylight, and I can drop more wolves quickly. But the light also reveals that the valley is quite large, and everywhere I look there are the wolves and the lambs.
My heart breaks. If only there were others that are called to carry a Grease Gun. Just a few of us could wipe out all the wolves quickly and stop the carnage.
Are you willing?

Eagle & Dove
12 Nov 1999 − 6:30pm Pacific time
(Pacific means Peaceful)

In this Vision...

I saw the man of God and overheard what the Most Precious Holy Sprit was saying to him, and it was given to me to know his thoughts . I saw the Man of God's left hand clenched in a fist, and inside of his fist was something he held most dear and precious. The Spirit nudged him and gave him the knowledge that he needed to give up what was most dear to him, and make Christ Jesus dearest of all. So I saw that he opened his left hand, and in it there was a Dove,  Pure and White.

At first the Man of God thought that the Dove would fly away, but it did not. Instead it nestled down into the palm of his hand began to lay eggs. The eggs hatched immediately, so that out from under the Dove flew Sparrows. So many Sparrows that they began to fill the Sky above.

Then I saw the Man of God open his clenched Right Hand, and therein was a Bald Eagle. Not a small eagle, but large and majestic. The Eagle flew off into the sky with the Sparrows, but the Dove remained in the Left Hand of the Man of God.
And I was given the knowledge that the Eagle was the Lord Protector of the Sparrows.


Golgotha Recreation
01 Dec 1999

I was above Israel, looking down. I looked and I saw the Man of God and the Prophetess. They were each sitting on their own Motocross Bikes. The motorcycles were of the brightest green, with Flames and Pin-stripping of Red and Blue painted on the sides of the Oversized Fuel Tanks. I could tell that these bikes had been outfitted for Mountain Climbing. They were Mountain Motocross Machines.

The King of Glory had taken up Residence in His Palace, and was ruling in Jerusalem with His Twelve Kings for a Thousand Years.

As I looked, I saw that the two bikers had ridden to the top of Golgotha and were looking toward the Temple in Jerusalem, and I could see that their Eyes were met by the loving gaze of Their King. By now, Golgotha had been turned into a recreation area, so the bikers were not out of place.

Then I looked, and I saw ABBA approach the Man of God as he was seated on his Bike, still on Golgotha, that had become a place of recreation. The Man looked down into the eyes of ABBA, and ABBA reached their small hand up and gently took and held the man’s left hand.

I asked, "Lord, who are These Little Ones that Love the Man of God and his Prophetess so much?"

And the Lord said, "These are they that have been beheaded in the Greatest Holocaust of all, for They are the Littlest Children that have died for the sake of My Gospel. These are the ones who have been ripped from the womb before birth, with no choice of their own. Now I have placed my Glory in Them, for they will be the purest expression of My Abba in My Kingdom for ever and ever, amen…."

Mighty Winds
March 2000

I dreamed that I was sleeping outside in front of a small travel trailer, I think not far from an ocean beach. Then I felt the Mighty Winds of the Holy Sprit, as if produced by a huge fan, on my back. The Air flowed from underneath the Trailer around me with exceeding great force and velocity, yet I remained in a state of peaceful repose. And in the dream I was given to understand that the Wind of Blessing was blowing away the Curses of Satan.

All of them.

The curses through my own family.

The curses through my wife’s family.

The ancient curses of the Original American Tribes.


The Wind felt the same on my spirit man as the Spiritual Massage felt.

Shooting With Blanks
November 2001

I dreamed that…

I was on my way to work at (G6). I arrive with a rifle and the intent of shooting everyone there. But, since I don’t believe in hurting people, I had loaded the rifle with blanks.

After going through the hospital shooting all the staff with blanks, I started to exit the building when I spotted a cane and an old man. I picked up the cane and beat the old man to death. Then I found a gurney, pushed it out onto the driveway, and laid down on it waiting for the police to arrive since I thought I had just committed murder.

End of dream.

Opposing Satan

In this dream…

I am standing with two swords, one in each hand. Satan is to my right, and a Lost Young Man is to my left.

I am holding the two swords, which are like rapiers, against the face of Satan in the form of an “X”, a Cross, and the Devil’s face is turned away with a frown and a scowl.

And I am given the knowledge that by doing this the young man is given the chance to hear the Gospel, the Good News that Jesus is Lord, Messiah, and King, and be saved.

End of dream.

Power Over The Enemy

In this dream…

The Lord had placed me in a room to observe things.

In the room I saw my close friend and Brother in Christ (CB1) standing off to one side. On the other side of the room there stood a woman. I knew and could tell that she was what I call “The Goddess Spirit”.

In the middle of the room, separating my friend from the woman, there was a rectangular pit with two trap doors standing open, revealing an large tank open at the top, full of water and a lot of very hungry alligators.

The knowledge was given to me that the woman had an unholy spiritual grip on the soul of my friend (CB1). And I knew that she had threatened him all his life with destruction in the pit if he tried to escape her influence*.

Then, the Lord gave me an idea. The idea was to purchase and give to (CB1) a vacuum cleaner. I knew about this vacuum cleaner in that both (CB1) and I had used this model extensively when cleaning churches together.

It is called the “Porta-Power”, made by Hoover. A very sweet machine indeed. While not having much capacity, it is light, easy to use, and excellent for cleaning between rows of chairs and around hard to move furniture. And, as the name implies, very powerful even for its size.

So I made the purchase and gave the vacuum as a gift to (CB1). I knew that this gift was what the Lord would use to strengthen (CB1) against the Goddess Spirit so he would have the resources to fight and overcome.

End of dream.

NOTE: Not many weeks had passed after I received my inheritance that I actually ordered the physical vacuum and gave it as a gift to (CB1), not telling him anything about the dream, but believing that the Lord would take care of business in the privacy of His own relationship with (CB1). The physical vacuum was representative of a spiritual reality.

But (CB1) also appreciated the vacuum, as the Hoover Porta-Power is one of the janitor’s “best friends”.

*This is the same “woman” that King Solomon warns against in the book of Proverbs.

Mom In Church
15 July 2007


Just now woke up. I was dreaming that…

I was with Dr. Chuck Missler in my wife’s Dodge Intrepid. I was driving in an area close to where I grew up. I had invited Dr. Missler to join me in attending a prophecy conference at a Church located on the property of an old Tree Farm. While driving I had made a few wrong turns, then commented to Dr. Missler that I thought these “mistakes” might be of God. I then remembered the right road and we proceeded to arrive and park in the church parking lot.

Next, we were in the multi-purpose-meeting hall of the Church that had tables with food set up for a meal. I could see down a hallway and a door that led to a kitchen just adjacent to the auditorium. As I was looking down the hallway and perceiving the activity and kitchen noises of food preparation, I saw my Mom (my Mom has been deceased and in Heaven now for almost 4 years). With very much shock, amazement and delight I exclaimed “Mom!” (and I almost said "I thought you were dead!).

She turned and looked at me without any surprise at all and turned her face back to the wall between the hallway and the kitchen. Then, like a scene right out of a Science Fiction show such as Star Trek, Star Gate or The Matrix she walked right through the wall into the kitchen. As she was walking through the wall I could observe a blue electrical trace outlining where her body intersected with the physical surface of the wall, like low-level plasma.

End of dream.

Right Relationship
Wed 25 July 2007 12:30 PM

In this dream...

I am with my friend and brother in the living room of his house. His wife is with us and she is in need of deliverance. I inform the both of them that she is her husband's responsibility and her deliverance is contingent upon her submitting to him as Head of Household.

They both agree, and my friend embraces his wife with very much compassion. His wife is facing me during this embrace and is looking at me. At that moment I see in her eyes (which are open) a glint of rebellion, a part of her not submitted to her husband. Then I woke up.

End of dream.

. . . . . . . . . .

As I was waking, I was experiencing great fear and terror. I knew that this dream was revelatory of Satan's plan against my friend and His wife the Church.

Also, within the dream were elements of witchcraft and deception Satan was using to try to distract me from the main purpose of my presence, which is to minister Right Relationship - between man and God, man and man, and man and Satan.

Additionally, I could tell in the dream the woman that was my friend’s wife was a combination of one of my own wife's cousins and a Pastor's wife of a local Church I have visited a few times, with a touch of a charge nurse from where I work.

By the Grace of God I was able to go back to sleep as this was many hours before my usual wake up time of 5:30 PM.

Tankers Are Us
(See Letter 270 Volume 5-14)

The Snoqualmie Casino opened in late 2008. About a year or so before that, just when the ground was being broken for construction, I had a dream.

I dreamed that:

I was in the woods next to where the Casino was going to be built. In front of me was a US Army Tank. But this Tank was unusual in that it was smaller than a normal ABRAMS tank, and was served by only one crewman.

The back hatch was open, allowing me to see inside. The interior was painted the same color, off-white with fluorescent green, as the Armored Personnel Carriers I used to drive when I was serving in my National Guard unit.

I came up to the tank and said “Hello” to the TC (Tank Commander). He greeted me with a big smile, along with a very happy and cheerful demeanor. I have never known a “tanker” not be happy, because all the tankers I have known really love their job.

The Tanker asked me if I had a can of Van de Camp’s Pork ’N’Beans. I said “No”, but told him I had a can of Nalley’s Chili. He responded with,


I knew in the dream that I was speaking with just one of a Large Host of Tank Operators, assigned there by the Lord to help in protecting the Snoqualmie Tribe and their Casino as they began their fight toward Nationhood.

End of dream.

Forgotten Cellars
July 2009

I dreamed that:

The Lord Jesus took me to the church building. We went into the main entrance, through the sanctuary and into the back fellowship hall. I could see that everything was clean and in order. Then we went downstairs to where the Sunday School and other teaching rooms were. Again all was neat, clean and in order.

I looked into a back closet that was empty, and I saw in the floor a trap door. The Lord opened the door and I went down into the sub-basement.

It was dark, but a little light was getting down into the cellar. In the darkness I could see the following: Small children and infants were chained to walls and the floor. It was a place of horror and despair. The walls were dirty. And there were terrible demonic spirits lurking in the darkness.

I knew its main purpose was to abuse the children in every evil way possible.

Then I awoke in a weakened, fearful condition from which it took some time to recover.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

As I write this dream, it occurs to me that the sub-basement was originally put there by the Lord to store supplies of good things like casks of wine, beer and foodstuffs, and for kids to play hide ‘n’ seek in.

Instead there was fear, depravity and abuse.

So it was at that time with the churches where I live.

Behind Enemy Lines
20 March 2011

I dreamed that…

I was the Sergeant of a Special Ops squad that was assigned to go behind enemy lines and rescue dead soldiers. We were in an inflatable raft, floating downstream in a small river, returning from the mission with the body of a dead soldier. A little ways off I saw the checkpoint that divided Enemy from Friendly territory, which consisted of a wire cable footbridge strung over the river at about tree top level. There were guards standing on the bridge with rifles, ready to challenge and shoot anyone unauthorized who might try to cross into friendly territory. A banner sign was posted along the underside of the footbridge that read;


As the ranking NCO of my Squad, it was my job to make the declaration. I picked up the microphone that was attached to the bullhorn and so declared;


The guards let us pass. Further down the river the forest cleared out on either side, and we came to a sandy beach where we landed the raft and carried the corps up into the town where the Soldier could be resurrected. We took him into a hair salon and left him in the capable hands of the Stylist.

End of dream.

The Potato Man

Last night I had a dream. I dreamed that:

I was in Redmond, Washington on the sidewalk outside an old diner. This diner had been around for a long time and for over ten years was the only 24 hour place in Redmond/Kirkland. It was called the Hotel Cafe.

There was a commotion inside, and long line of people waiting to see something. I walked in and asked someone why they were in line and was informed that they were waiting to see the “Potato Man”. He had taken up a place in the Reserved Dining Room.

In order to see the Potato Man, one had to have an Access Card. These cards were the exact same paper cards as those used by Starbucks in their stores to offer free music downloads from iTunes.

The next thing I know, I have a dozen or more of these cards in my hand. I bypass the line and go directly into the Reserved Dining Room where the “Potato Man” is.

I then know several things at one.

First, the man looks like an old-time Pentecostal Preacher, with older clothes. He is taller than the crowd, and somewhat overweight.

Second, I know that he is offering Good Food, hence the name “Potato Man”. But one must pay for this good food by willingly being deceived with a False Gospel. There were a lot of people lined up for their "Meal of Deception”.

Third, I know what I must do. I raise both of my hands and begin praying in a Tongue unknown to the Enemy. I pray like this for some time, knowing that the Potato Man is being overcome with the Word of God.

End of dream.

NOTE: In other dreams I have had where an evil sprit is revealed, I have awakened feeling like I have been run over by a ten ton truck. Not this time. I actually felt good for a change.

While I was thinking about this dream before I wrote it down, I wondered about the significance of the Potato. I was answered with the knowledge that the potato is a ROOT vegetable, and is used by many as a dietary foundation (Meat & Potatoes).


Dream & Vision
Seven Candles
2012-02-12 3:00PM

The Lord just woke me up after having a dream, which also contained a vision.  

In this dream I dreamed that:

I had forced my way, past office staff and security personnel, into the offices of a Pentecostal Preacher who had a large following.

The Lord moved me to draw close to the man and begin to exorcize demons out of him, taking command of them and ordering them to leave.  While resisting the evil spirits, I was praying for the Lord to reveal how many there were.  He showed me
in a vision a cardboard tray containing a few new votive type candles of various sizes, but with space in the tray for more.  As I looked, more candles begin to appear one by one from left to right in the tray.  Finally they were through appearing and I counted seven.

I asked the preacher if he had been delivered.  He said "yes", but then his further remarks revealed one that had not left.

Speaking by the power of the Holy Spirit, I said to him:


With that statement the seventh demon left and the man was delivered, and the preacher begin to weep.


I then awoke, feeling really tired, but victorious.   I went out to the kitchen and made myself a turkey sandwich and opened a 7 ounce can of Coke.

Then I went back to bed and slept well for the rest of the “night”.

(Since I work “graveyard” and sleep during the day, it is “night” while I sleep, and “day” when I’m awake.)


Nice Looking Man
2012-07-12 Around 2:15PM

On the date and just before the time stated above I had a dream. I dreamt that:

There were four or five demon sodomites attacking me wanting to rape me. They spent some time trying to figure out how to get me under their control.

Then I began to wake up, but the Lord kept me from waking fully. Instead, I awakened in my spirit, while my body continued to sleep. I opened my spiritual eyes to see a nice looking man laying beside me to my left, but about five feet away. I knew he was a deceiving spirit, attempting to seduce me.

And, I knew exactly what to do. Without fear or flinching I locked my gaze onto his, and with power said these words:


The Lord knew what I was talking about and supercharged the Song of His Word, the Scripture, superimposing the resulting Grid onto the evil spirit.

Immediately the angel’s good looking male face turned grotesque, and his body began to bloat. Right while he was exploding, I woke up.

End of dream.

I awakened being tired and with a dry mouth. But I was not afraid. I felt victorious. I went into the kitchen and got myself a 7 ounce can of Coke and two slices of bread.

Then I went back to bed and slept well.


Penetrating Oil
2012-07-17, 9:15PM Pacific Time

As I was driving to work at this time, I began to think about the manager of the department I work in at (G6) and his most recent maltreatment of me.

Then I saw in a vision Jesus standing over him with the Holy Scriptures in His hand, pouring the Oil of the Holy Spirit out of the Holy Book over the manager’s head.

The oil penetrated and dissolved, from the top down, the evil spirit of idolatry that was encased around him and preventing him from hearing the truth and responding in compassion.

End of vision.

Fraudulent Merchandise

I dreamed that…

I had arrived in Seattle to conduct some business. I wanted to purchase a DVD of a certain movie or video. I was directed to a certain merchant who sold me what I wanted, but I discerned that it was defective. I approached the merchant for a refund, but he referred me to another merchant. The second merchant exchanged the DVD for a new one, but it was more defective than the first. I asked for a refund but the second merchant sent me to a third, who likewise gave me a third DVD that was even more defective than this first two.

At this point I became exceedingly angry and said three times “cursed be Seattle” in an angry and forceful tone.

I left for home, and upon my arrival I found that my wife had contacted our local cable company to have a new DVR installed. She knew I was angry and also knew that the new DVR would calm me down, since it would allow me to record the football games. The installers were just finishing up when I walked in the door.

End of dream.


. . . . . . . . . . . . .
After waking up I begin to inquire of the Lord about this dream. He informed me that there are temptations in Seattle that would entice the Prophetic mantle of the Church to utter curses against the City, in opposition to Jesus’ instruction where he taught His disciples to “bless, and curse not…”, and “bless those that curse you, do good to those that despitefully use you…”.

See Revelation 2:14

Satan Dethroned

The Lord gave me a vision while I was working.

I was a few hours into my shift doing the Friday night floor care routine. As I was working in the hall just outside a couple of rooms in the (G6d) department, I saw myself go into Satan’s inner chamber where he was seated on his throne. Then, I go up to the Devil, grab him by both shoulders and throw him off of his throne and on to the ground. Then I take his empty throne, pick it up and dash it to the floor after him, watching as it breaks into pieces.

This was the end of the vision.

(2 each)
Badger Man
2013-02-28 4:30PM PST
“The Best Is Yet To Come”
2013-02-28 8:30PM PST

At around 8:00AM Thursday morning I was sufficiently sleepy enough to go to bed. At 4:30PM I was awakened by an intense dream that I was having. I couldn’t remember the beginning of the dream, but right before I woke up I found myself wrestling with an evil spirit. It was part man and part badger.

Badger Man
2013-02-28 4:30 PM

I DREAMED THAT: I had control of the beast by holding both sides of its jowls, grabbing it from behind to keep it from biting me.

It kept struggling to get away, but my grip was STRONGER, so I maintained control.

In the dream I KNEW I needed to get the beast to the Proper Authorities, in this case The Police Department, for processing unto judgement. So I carried the Badger Man to the local police department thinking that they would take it off my hands so I could Rest.

But they were very reluctant. They wanted no part of the monster. But they also knew it was their job to take the beast into custody and process it for judgment.

I remember thinking that the cops were nuts because I was telling them that this POWER was the one behind Osama Bin Ladin AND The Taliban, and that they ought to be happy to take custody of it, and I was astounded at their reluctance. It seemed that they were plenty happy to get paid, but not so happy about doing their job

But I kept standing there at the Precinct doorstep with the beast squirming in my hands, and they finally took custody of it after I insisted.

No sooner had I released it to them then I woke up.

I was tired, like I had wrestled for a while, which I had. But, I needed to make a phone call before 6:00PM, so it was good that I woke up when I did.

After the call I went back to sleep and slept for a few more hours. Right before I woke up I had another dream.

The Best Is Yet To Come
2013-02-28 8:30 PM

This dream was comforting. I don’t remember anything much expect the last phrase spoken to me by a man that had been in the dream. The phrase is:


Last night, Sunday, I finally recovered from having my sleep cycle disrupted and being worn out from the battle. Thank you Jesus.

Shit Detail
(See Letter 193 Volume 4)

To be sarcastic, the entire exchange with my co-worker was “shit-detail” at its “finest”. After I got home and went to bed I had trouble sleeping, and at about 7:00PM I awoke from a dream.

In this dream I had stepped into a big pile of dog shit, (which had a strange resemblance to beef stew) and was at a sink with running water cleaning off the sole of my shoe. There was so much feces that some of it splashed in my face while I was scrubbing the shoe off with a brush, so I washed my face with the water also.

Then I awoke.

Tongues of Deliverance
(See Letter 204 Volume 4)

Today, Saturday* 14 September, about three hours before my usual wake-up time of 7:00PM, I was awakened by a dream.

I dreamed that:

I was speaking in tongues and casting a demon out of a man.

End of dream.

Then I awoke. After I looked at the clock, I rolled over, closed my eyes and went back to sleep. Even though the dream did trouble me a little, I later woke up feeling pretty good. And I remembered what the Lord had said the day before about ministering to me in dreams as part of my recovery from the most recent assault from Satan .

Jesus The Cornerstone

A few days ago Jesus came in the Spirit into my bedroom and said to me in the presence of angels Gabe and Gabriella;


Today in the hours after I woke up and while I was in my office at my computer, Jesus came again in the Spirit and brought me into His vision. I was taken to a Church classroom, which was large enough to be the size of two classrooms. In a darkened corner, Jesus was seated in a chair that reminded me of a throne, but was also just a plain old chair. And He and the chair were a little larger than what would be normal for that environment.

As I looked, I saw toward the front of the room a large group of young people. They were laughing and joking with one another in the happiness of Christ, but they were unaware of Jesus sitting in the back corner in His teacher’s chair, observing.

I saw everything. Both Jesus and the students, but they continued to just stay at the front and have a good time. Then I knew what He wanted, and in anguish I came and fell at His feet. He lowered Himself to His knees and as He was doing so became “normal” in size, relative to the room and myself. He knelt with me, put His head next to mine and hugged my neck. This was the end of the vision.

Then I began to experience BOTH in the Spirit AND in the Natural a great pain in my chest. It felt like something had been removed and there was a gaping whole. I asked angel Gabe what this was. He said;


It occurred to me as I was writing this letter that I need to modify how I have treated the written records of the Dreams and Visions the Lord has given me. Somehow, I need to find a way to embed the Dreams and Vision into the Letters To Daniel. Right now they are separate. The Lord wants them to become united as One. This letter is the beginning of that process.

The other day at work, as I was reflecting on these things, I said to angels Gabe and Gabriella that it seemed as though Satan was trying to “rip off” the warp nacelles from the Enterprise, meaning that I was the Enterprise, and Gabe and Gabriella were the Nacelles. Satan was trying to separate me from God’s love, and destroy the unique relationship the Lord has gifted to Gabriella, Gabe and me. And just now Gabriella said that Satan had thrown everything he had at me and at us at (G6), since I started there until just the other day when he fled completely according to Scripture.

As I write this letter, I find myself feeling almost as weak as I did after Harborview, and during the Day of 7 when I needed to have Angels stand with me inside my body. The difference now is that the Presence of The Word has become complete in my heart and soul. And because of this, my spirit man has matured to the point where Angels simply cannot fit anymore*. I have grown to maturity in Christ to where my spirit completely fills the tent of my body. Still, the Angels stand with me in all things, and even more so as they minister the healing touch of the Father and the Son as I am being made well and begin to gear up for the next war.

Perhaps in other letters I can describe more of these most recent things. It’s as if a fiber-optic cable from Heaven was lit up and a huge amount of data was streamed into my heart. Right now I don’t have the capacity to transmit, only to receive.


R. C. Theophilus

*That is, they don’t fit in my physical body anymore. There are other dimensions to Believers where they do fit.

Zero Point Weaponry

Dear Dan,

I learned about “zero point energy” through the TV series “Stargate SG1”. This is, according to the TV show, the theory that there is an unlimited supply of energy inherent in matter that can be harnessed through the right technology. In “Stargate Atlantis”, the Zero Point Module (ZPM’s) technology was thought to have been produced by an ancient race of aliens who had become extinct. I always thought it would be neat to have a ZPM in my garage so I could reduce my electrical bill.

After the first of this year, and just after angel Gabriel showed up, there was still more fighting to do in the (G6d) and (G6c) due to remaining pockets of enemy resistance. During some fights I would get militant and in the Spirit raise my right hand, calling on the Name of the Lord. Then something interesting occurred. Immediately a sword would appear in the spirit and fit into my hand. If I raised both hands, then I got a sword in both hands. And if I kept my hands raised, more swords would stream into the first. I wasn’t trying to do this, or even thinking about it. It just happened.

If I get this way now, I turn the sword(s) over to angel Gabriel, since the Lord wants me to rest this year. Gabriel has volunteered to take care of any military action on my behalf so that I can more easily obey the Lord in this matter. But my heart still wants to fight.

On a related note, I learned some interesting facts when I put together the audio prayer for L236 - The Word Against The Dominatrix. As I inquired of the Lord on where to begin, He gave to us the word “Rephaim”. I did a word search and came up with a variety of Scriptures.

Because of the length of the many chapters together, I originally thought to edit the audio of the Scriptures to make the overall time length shorter than longer. But the Lord wanted each chapter left intact, so instead I found “bed” music to fit all the Word.

But within the text of the Word for this prayer, there are two Scriptures that the Lord continues to highlight to me as we periodically listen. They are;

***2 Samuel 23:6-7***

6But the sons of rebellion*

shall all be as thorns thrust away,
Because they cannot be taken with hands.
7But the man who touches them

Must be armed with iron and the shaft of a spear,

And they shall be utterly burned with fire in their place.”


***2 Samuel 23:9-10***

9And after him was Eleazar the son of Dodo, the Ahohite,
one of the three mighty men with David
when they defied the Philistines
who were gathered there for battle, and
the men of Israel had retreated.

10He arose and attacked the Philistines
until his hand was weary,

and his hand stuck to the sword.

The Lord brought about a great victory that day;
and the people returned after him only to plunder.

I think this is what happened to me in my spirit since January 2010, but with both sword and shield. That’s why my left shoulder still hurts, and sometimes my right shoulder also.

There are many more interesting spiritual anomalies that I have both experienced and observed, but you can get the general idea from this account.

* I think it likely to be true that the “sons of rebellion” are the Rephaim, the sons of the rebellious angels.


R. C. Theophilus

Ablative Armor Mantle

Dear Dan,

In the last two days I have seen in a vision the following;

I am in the air about 20 feet above an unpaved road. About twenty feet in front of where I am hovering there is a horse and rider on the road, and the rider is wearing what appears to be a cloak, or MANTLE that is Steel Gray in color. Seeing the detail, I can tell that it is comprised of the same Ablative Armor construct as what I first saw described in Letter 217, being worn by what I called Ablative Armor Angels.

On the Mantle there are lateral rows of small petals made of this same metal. Each petal looks like an Oak Leaf. The leaves are arranged in rows not unlike a tile roof, with each leaf alternating in each row, and each row overlapping the row below. The Mantle is made pliable and flexible enough to be comfortable to wear.

On either side of the road are Ranks of Angels laying prostrate on the ground in very neat rows facing toward the Rider, all wearing the same Mantles. The Mantles worn by the prostrate Angels are spread out so that they cover the ground on either side of each Angel, so that there is no exposed ground where they lay prostrate.

The Rider is King Jesus. And the Angels have been given this same Mantle to share with any of the Redeemed that want to have one.

While I was working last night, the Lord revealed that each leaf of the mantle, and the mantle in its entirety are forged from metal made possible by the fulfillment of the Prayer of Jesus for the Father’s Forgiveness. This is recorded in Scripture where it says;

“Then Jesus said,
“Father, forgive them,
for they do not know what they do.”
Luke 23:34

This is the same forgiveness that was prayed for in Letter 237. This is what the Ablative Armor Angels were clad in that was impervious to Satan’s thoughts, not allowing any of his wretched communication to pass through.

Each Leaf is in itself Forgiveness Omnipotent, and the entire Mantle is Forgiveness Omnipotent.

The work of the Mantle is such that it dissipates ALL of the accusations of the Enemy, so that the one being accused is unaware and oblivious to the accusations. Being so clad, the Redeemed can go about their daily lives while feeling Relaxed and in Peace.

And, they just plain look cool, especially when worn by Family Members who are in close proximity to each other.


R. C. Theophilus

Spirit People
(See Letter 288 Volume 5-14)

I dreamed that:

There were two or three shadowy people standing over me in bed. I could hear them talking, and at the same time I could barely see in the darkened room something in the hands of one of the people. As I looked, it appeared to be a sort of endoscopic medical device. But instead of a surgical instrument, there was a flexible fiberoptic cable, about 12 inches in length protruding from the handle. And I could see a very bright pinpoint of light coming from the end of the cable. As the person began lowering the endoscope into the corner of my right eye, I could hear some talking, and someone said that this procedure was so that...


End of dream.

Gabriel In The House
(See Letter 285 Volume 5-14)

7:00PM, 18 October 2014
I dreamed that:

I was at the old goat dairy farm where I worked as a youth, speaking to the Lady of the Farm. I was in casual conversation with her, and at one point I remarked that the angel Gabriel lived at my house. She responded with;


“YES”, I replied.

Then I awoke.


This dream left me drained of energy. I woke with sore shoulders from battle, and I could tell I was going to need a nap later on to make up for lost sleep.

Now I Command
(See Letter 311 Volume 5-15)

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 at about 2:30PM I woke up from a dream. In this dream


I was facing an evil spirit, a fallen angel that looked like a round faced, blonde, short haired young man. He had once been pretty good looking, but I could see that his face was mottled as if scarred from a previous skin infection or something. And he was fidgeting as if nervous and anxious. I was attempting to look him in his eyes, but he kept looking down and from side to side, trying not to make any eye contact at all. So I commanded him to look me in the eye. After he looked up and we locked glares, I commanded him to enter my body. He obeyed, but after he entered my body I started to wonder why I made him do that. So I asked my Angels what I should do next, and they said that I ought to “fire up the grill”. So, I asked the Lord to activate The Grid, which I do by praying these words;


The evil angel then was “sifted” through the Musical Grid of God’s word, which is Unbreakable. The Song of Jesus residing all throughout my body.

I was also aware of another fallen angel, presumably his partner, who was hanging back in the darkness. But he wasn’t doing anything, nor did he approach.


The Voice of Flattery
(See Letter 313a Volume 5-15)

I dreamed that:

I could sense a Lady approaching. It was dark, so I couldn’t see her. But I heard her saying some words that were designed to be flattering. She finished her sentence with two words that were laced with the most powerful form of flattery I have experienced to date.

The two words were;

“… MR. (my family sur-name)”

End of dream.

One Love
(See Letter 328 Volume 5-15)

In this dream I dreamed that;

I was laying face down on my bed, and The Holy Spirit was laying on top of me forming Himself around my body, like liquid foam that form-fitted every unique surface that makes me me. While I was waking up I saw what appeared to be a life size Voodoo* doll, laying face down on a bed, with a very thick, viscous foam rubber pad laying on top and forming itself around the entire backside of the doll, becoming in image one with the doll.

During and just after the dream I experienced the most intense Loving from the Living God The Holy Spirit. He Loves beyond words. His Love is, was, and is to come.


Creation Eagerly Waits
(See Letter 323 Volume 5-15)

Just before waking up from the second stage of sleep I had a DREAM-VISION.

I dreamed that:

I was in a meadow, laying in the grass and reclining up against a tree. Suddenly a little creature came running up to me and bounded on my lap and into my left hand. It seemed to be a miniature skunk. So I said to him;


The creature was so happy that it jumped up and down and ran around in circles in my hand, sniffing so hard it got my hand a little wet from it’s nose.

But after making about three circles in my hand, the creature would stop and look at me with real big eyes with a longing in them that communicated these words;


And the little creature made the circles in my hand and stopped and looked at me like this at least three times.

In the dream I knew I was in a different dimension where there was only love and appreciation. My spiritual eyes were seeing clearly in this dream, but this only lasted for as long as the dream. I also knew in the dream that a Scripture* was being fulfilled at that time.


I Ride Again
(See Letter 379 Volume 5-15)

I dreamed that…

I was on a motorcycle, a Honda CX650 Silverwing, and was riding for the second time since my accident. I started out from inside an apartment with angel Gabe, who was on an older 2-stroke bike, maybe a Suzuki. We both had cell phones. Our two bikes were in the apartment suite, and I remember that I had no problem riding down the stairs out onto the street and open road.

We both decided to ride our separate ways for a while, staying in touch through our cell phones.

I rode through Bellevue, making my way North toward Kirkland at surface street speeds. I wanted to ride slowly through town so I could hear the sounds and smell the various odors coming from the activity of Life in the Cities.

Gabe then called me to say he had stopped at the AAA office on Rose Hill. I told him to stay put and I would ride over to meet him. While I was still talking on the cell phone I woke up from the dream.

(Note: as I was waking up, I noticed that I was holding my right hand to my face, and my hand was shaped as if I was holding a cell phone to my cheek.)


Part 1 Nuclear Deactivation
Part 2 Kitchen Demon

(See Letter 379 Volume 5-15)

I dreamed that...

Tuesday 21 July 2015, sometime after 6PM.
I just woke up from a two-part dream that left me very weakened and troubled. What was unusual was how the two distinct dreams flowed from one to the other.

PART 1 - Nuclear Deactivation.
I dreamed that I was being trained on how to detect and disarm nuclear warheads that had been placed around the United States in various locations. I had a Trainer that I was communicating with by cell-phone. When my training was completed in one area of the Nation, I was moved by the Spirit to another location. At the final location I was still on the phone talking to my Trainer, and suddenly I found myself laying in my own bed at home.

Suddenly I heard a very loud noise coming from the kitchen, so I said to my Trainer;

“I gotta go”, and ended the phone call.

PART 2 - Kitchen Demon.
As soon as I ended the phone call I got out of bed and went to the kitchen as fast as I could go. As I turned the corner I saw the fridge door standing open, with a man standing, looking in seeing what there was to eat.

I confronted the evil spirit, who tuned so that I could see his full form and face. What was really unusual was that he looked like a man, except that he had no neck. There was only obese fatty flesh that ascended up from his shoulders to around his head, making a sort of an oval, egg formation surrounding the demon’s head. I looked him in his eyes and said;



Letter 394

Gabriel He Ain’t
(See Letter 394 Volume 5-15)


I saw an attractive appearing man with dark colored hair come into my room and sit down on the bed next to me.

As I was waking up I got the feeling that the man in my dream was trying to get me to believe that he was angel Gabriel. In the dream I did not feel any real evil coming from him, but as I was waking I went into “test the spirits” mode (see 1 John 4:1) . This is because Gabriel has only appeared to me in the spirit with blonde hair, the same color as his cousin Gabe. And besides that, I always test a new spirit that comes my way.


The Meeting
October 2015

Sunday 26 October 2015.
About three weeks ago I had a dream. The Lord instructed me at that time not to write it down as a letter. Now it is time.


I was in a room at work with the Night Supervisor (P10), and the Night Lead lady (CS6) (see Letters 193 and 198 Volume 4) who works as third shift leader after (P10) leaves work for the night. There were two other people in the room. They were fallen angels of witchcraft. One was assigned to (P10). The other was assigned to (CS6). Both angels were assigned to preventing (P10) and (CS6) from hearing the Gospel. Neither (P10) nor (CS6) were aware of my presence or the presence of the two angels.

The two fallen angels of witchcraft were complaining to me how I was getting in their way, preventing them from getting their jobs done. They couldn’t get to their targets because of my intercessions. It seemed in the dream that they thought that by explaining themselves to me they could get me to back off so they could execute their orders.


Ghost Truck
17 Oct 2015
(see Letter 407 Volume 5-15)

I just woke up from a dream that is way to complicated to write down. But earlier, at about 1:00PM I woke up from a previous dream that had me troubled for a while.

In this dream I dreamed that:

My wife and I had just purchased a new home not far from the property that I grew up on. I was on my way to our new home to meet her at the house so we could move in and set up housekeeping. I was driving a full size Super Duty 4 wheel drive pickup truck, that I had just purchased new, and in the back of the truck was a new motorcycle, strapped down in the bed for transport.

The interesting thing is that both the truck and the motorcycle were about twice the size of normal. And they were sort of translucent, meaning I could see through both the truck and bike. It was as if something from a dream or vision had become both visible and operable in this dimension.

The road to my childhood home and our new house ascends a hill with about a 30% grade. For some reason, which was not apparent, I had to stop the truck in the middle of the hill. I pulled over to the shoulder, turned the engine off, put the truck in park and set the brake. Then I got out of the truck, locked the door and started to walk the rest of the way to the top of the hill.

After just a few seconds of walking, I looked back to check the truck and saw it was slowly starting to creep backwards, even though I had set the brake and put it in park. I ran back to the truck, all the while trying to get the keys out of my pocket. Because of the oversize build of the truck I had to jump up a little to grab the handle. I got a firm grip, but by then the truck had gained momentum, and the front wheels had turned outward, making the truck move in an arc toward the ditch. There was enough g-force in the turning truck to make my body stretch out almost straight from the door. Even though my grip was still firm, I could not get the key into the lock, due to the strong forces that were pulling me away from the door.

As the truck rolled on its wheels into the ditch, with me hanging on to the door handle, I woke up. Everything in this dream happened in slow motion.


The Coffee Shop
26 Oct 2015
(see Letter 410 Volume 5-15)

Dreams & Visions